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Street Sweeper Initiative

Our mission is to build community by providing a forum for sharing information, connecting neighborhoods, promoting activities, and fostering civic involvement in our diverse community to create an improved image and perception of the 18th Ward neighborhoods.

A 12-month pilot program will take place in each neighborhood of the 18th Ward, Millmont, Oakbrook, and Wyomissing Park. Replacing labor with horsepower is the avenue to solving the litter problem and effectively sustain the beautification of the 18th Ward. 

To help compensate for the lack of municipal clean up access, the City provides a spring cleaning event in conjunction with the Great American Cleanup each year where they place dozen of dumpsters across the City for residents to dispose of household junk for free. While cleanups are beneficial and bring the community together, this is complex, sophisticated problem that needs machinery to solve before the community can get involved.

The 18th Ward is home to approximately 10,720 residents. 49% of which identify as male and 51% identify as female. An estimated 44.6% of residents in the 18th Ward are hispanic according to the United States Census Bureau. The median household income was $44,303.

A street sweeping pilot program will allow for monitoring, collective resident input, and making appropriate adjustments to create a harmonious process. 

The 18th Ward will serve as the pilot area, this includes the neighborhoods of Millmont, Oakbrook, and Wyomissing Park. The total sweeping area is 32.2 miles. 

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