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Ready, Set, Read

"Fill the neighborhood with boxes of books, in all the crannies and all the nooks."

- Dr. Seuss (sorta)


With a desire to share her love of books with everyone in the 18th Ward, Tanya Meléndez volunteered to launch an 18th Ward Little Free Library program. The program now includes a dozen free little libraries throughout the 18th Ward. Check the interactive map for the one nearest you.

Like every project in the 18th Ward, the Little Free Library Program began with one volunteer and an idea. It then spread to include many, many others.

The Little Free Library Program included donations of old newspaper boxes from the Reading Eagle that were repaired, cleaned, and painted by volunteers at Reading Truck Body and Masano Auto Group. The local Rotary Club of West Reading-Wyomissing built additional little library boxes. Volunteers from across the 18th Ward solicited book donations and continue to help Tanya stock the libraries.

To host an official 18th Ward Little Free Library, donate books, or volunteer, contact:

Tanya Meléndez