Oakbrook Line Project beginning, expected to bring accessibility to Reading

READING, Pa. | After years of planning, the Oakbrook Line Project in Reading is kicking off and is slated to improve mobility around the Reading area. (WFMZ)

"We're going to make sure that everybody knows Reading exists," said Reading Mayor Eddie Moran. (WFMZ)

Mayor Moran said the City is about to become much more accessible. (WFMZ)

"Our mission of revitalizing Reading includes our gateways and surrounding areas that connect us with our county, with our Commonwealth, the nation and the world," said Mayor Moran.

Surrounded by community leaders and city officials on the corner of East Wyomissing Boulevard and Rose Virginia Road, Mayor Moran spoke about the Oakbrook Line project. It is a goal to widen islands and add paths to improve pedestrian and bicycling safety.

David Talarico of the Eighteenth Ward Improvement District said the effects will go beyond the paths. "This is all about connecting neighborhoods, connecting people to activities and promoting local road for businesses and economic development," said Talarico.

Reading City Council member Lucine Sihelnik said a path will run from Lancaster Avenue to Museum Road all the way down to Schlegel Park and Lancaster Avenue.

"It does take time, it does take a lot of money, it does take patience, but with all those things we're going to continue to make great things happen here." said Sihelnik.

The enhancements will also include ramps, sidewalks and curb repairs.

"We'll continue to be innovative; we'll continue to bring projects that are worth it and we will continue to sign whatever contract is needed to make sure that Reading is beautified and improved," said Sihelnik.

The Mayor's office said planning for this project has taken almost five years. We are told this layer should be wrapped up sometime in the fall or early spring.

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